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Jan-03-2019 20:28:05

And China doesn’t?

Jan-03-2019 20:27:57

So the chinese land on the darkside of the moon to advance scientific achievement. And trump wants to weaponize space to advance the art of war.

Jan-03-2019 20:27:49

The chinese are innovating, and you lazy racists are stuck in reverse under the leadership of a fool. This is not winning. This is foreign control and slow destruction from within.

Jan-03-2019 20:27:35

NASA lost the technology to land on the moon. They also taped over all video that would prove we went there.

Jan-03-2019 20:27:22

Sure, put it on the other side where we can't see it.

Jan-03-2019 20:27:11

As the Moon rotates in step with its revolution around the Earth, it always keeps the same face turned toward the Earth and the other side is always hidden. So the Chinese launched an orbital communications relay around the Moon to communicate with their lander/ rover on the far side. We didn't have a setup like that in the Apollo days, so every time an orbiting Apollo went behind the Moon, there was a communications blackout. And we made sure all the landings where on the near side, where there was direct communication with Earth.

Jan-03-2019 20:26:52

But it landed on the far side of the moon. So how will we see it if the Moon does not rotate?

Jan-03-2019 20:26:30

And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too ... I'll see you on the dark side of the moon ...

Jan-03-2019 20:26:18

They are busy working on the space wall, and getting the martians to pay for it.

Jan-03-2019 20:26:04

So what? Trump is bringing back coal.

Jan-03-2019 20:25:48

What the hell? Is Space Force asleep on the job?

Jan-03-2019 20:24:44


China's Chang'e-4 has reportedly landed at a site known as Von Kármán crater, a 180km depression located in the far side's southern hemisphere. But Von Kármán lies within a much bigger hole punched in the Moon - the South Pole-Aitken basin. This event was so powerful that it is thought to have ploughed through the Moon's outer crust layer and through into the zone known as the mantle. Details at

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