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#1 Nation » Rep. Tlaib tells fellow commies 'we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker' » Jan-04-2019 12:45:54

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who was sworn in earlier Thursday, came out of the gate swinging at President Donald Trump. Speaking to a crowd at a reception held by the progressive group MoveOn on Thursday night, the new Congresswoman quoted her son, telling her, "Mama, look, you won. Bullies don’t win." In response the foul-mouthed raghead told her son, "Baby, they don’t. Because we’re gonna go in there, we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker." More at … ch-1080825

#2 Globe » China lands spacecraft on dark side of moon » Jan-03-2019 20:24:44

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China's Chang'e-4 has reportedly landed at a site known as Von Kármán crater, a 180km depression located in the far side's southern hemisphere. But Von Kármán lies within a much bigger hole punched in the Moon - the South Pole-Aitken basin. This event was so powerful that it is thought to have ploughed through the Moon's outer crust layer and through into the zone known as the mantle. Details at

#3 Nation » Obama, Hillary Lied About Knowing Arms Were Going to Syria from Libya » Jan-03-2019 18:33:07

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On Monday Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton spoke about smoking gun documents discovered by Judicial Watch that show Obama and Clinton were aware arms going to Syria through Benghazi and were warned about rise of ISIS. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that the US was sending arms from Libya to Syria back in 2011, a year before the Benghazi consulate attacks. Senator Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton about this gun running program back in January 2013 during her testimony on the Benghazi terrorist attack. More details at … ath-video/

#4 Online » Google shifts $23b to Bermuda in 2017 to reduce foreign tax bill » Jan-03-2019 15:26:52

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Google moved 19.9 billion euros ($22.7 billion) through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, as part of an arrangement that allows it to reduce its foreign tax bill, according to documents filed at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The amount channeled through Google Netherlands Holdings BV was around 4 billion euros more than in 2016, the documents, filed on Dec. 21, showed.

The tax strategy, known as the “Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich”, is legal and allows Google to avoid triggering U.S. income taxes or European withholding taxes on the funds, which represent the bulk of its overseas profits.

For more than a decade the arrangement has allowed Google owner Alphabet (GOOGL.O) to enjoy an effective tax rate in the single digits on its non-U.S. profits, around a quarter the average tax rate in its overseas markets.

Google said in a statement, "We pay all of the taxes due and comply with the tax laws in every country we operate in around the world."

More at … SKCN1OX1G9

#5 Nation » Gun Rights May Be Next Target of Corporate Censorship » Jan-03-2019 15:16:14

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It’s not just gun owners who are experiencing limited shopping choices. Gun rights lobbies like the National Rifle Association have faced opposition from corporate America. Rental car companies like Avis and software companies like Symantec have severed their affiliate programs with the NRA in the wake of the Parkland shooting hysteria.

It appears the next fad in virtue signaling in the corporate world may be gun control gun.

Ever since Dick’s Sporting Goods and banks such as Citigroup made business decisions in line with the mainstream media’s push for gun control, some opponents of gun control have debated whether private companies pose a bigger threat to gun rights than government does.

In the case of Dick’s Sporting Goods, the outdoor company decided to stop selling rifles like the AR-15 and banned the sale of firearms to individuals younger than 21. In response to the Parkland shooting in Florida, banks like Citigroup also crafted their own anti-gun policies as reported in The New York Times: Citigroup is setting restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers, making it the first Wall Street bank to take a stance in the divisive nationwide gun control debate.

The new policy, announced Thursday, prohibits the sale of firearms to customers who have not passed a background check or who are younger than 21. It also bars the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

Full story at … ensorship/

#6 Online » Judge says no evidence social media encouraged ISIS terrorist activity » Jan-03-2019 14:58:56

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A federal judge in San Francisco has dismissed a lawsuit filed by family members and victims of the 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., that accused Facebook, Google and Twitter of knowingly supporting ISIS and helping the group spread its radical beliefs.

In a decision issued Monday, however, U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler wrote that while the three social media giants were "generally aware that ISIS used their services," there is no evidence that they "intended to further" the group's terrorist activity.

A week after the shooting, then-FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress that social media had played a role in the radicalization of Farook and Malik and that they had been at least partly inspired by ISIS. Comey said the group "is motivating individuals, or very, very small groups of people to commit murder on their behalf."

Fourteen people died and 22 were injured when Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a holiday office party on Dec. 2, 2015.

ISIS claimed responsibility even though it apparently had no direct contact with the attackers. On the day of the massacre, Malik took to Facebook to pledge allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In their 2017 lawsuit, the plaintiffs had argued that the tech companies "have knowingly and recklessly provided the terrorist group ISIS with accounts to use its social networks as a tool for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds and attracting new recruits."

Read the full story at … oogle-twit

#7 Online » Amazon Alexa 'DEMON device' that gathers info can be used to blackmail » Jan-03-2019 14:43:01

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T2017-HRR-stop-buying-from-Amazon.jpg said millions of unwitting “sheeple” have willingly outfitted their homes and offices with so-called “smart” speakers like Amazon’s Alexa device, which is marketed as a convenience assistant for getting things done simply using only your voice. But Alexa is, practically speaking, an always-listening demon device that can monitor, track, and record people’s conversations for blackmail purposes.

The epitome of Orwellian, Big Brother privacy invasion, Alexa is hardly the innocuous technological “advancement” that its proponents claim it is. Alexa is a far-Left purveyor of “progressive” ideologies such as those perpetuated by Black Lives Matter (BLM). It’s also a potential snitch device that authoritarian overlords can use to control the populations of the world.

Justus Knight, who revealed Alexa as an always-listening demon device in a recent YouTube video, asked, "Who would fall for putting an Orwellian device in their home that could potentially listen in on them, proven that it listens in, proven that it can send messages to other people without authorization, created by a company that created a doorbell (Ring) that can film other people and alert the police, that would potentially put drones that can facially-recognize you to deliver packages to your front door – who would do such a thing?"

"Well, guess what: a lot of people. So, if you have one, and I’ll say this again, take it and throw it in your garbage can – quick, before it takes over your life, because it’s going to, and in all seriousness, it is," Knight said.

Read the full story at … r-life.html

#8 Online » List of Vital Technologies You Should Know for 2019 » Jan-02-2019 22:38:35

Replies: 0 … -for-2019/


In the last few years, there has been a rapid pace of technological development, some life-changing innovations and some equally disappointing ones. Here are top 5 fascinating technologies to get hyped about in 2019, coming year has some inventive technologies in its arsenal that are set to boast digital usability in every industry.

1) Connected Clouds
Over the years, Cloud computing has developed steadily. Every industry is opting to cloud computing whether a public cloud or a private cloud, but it has become an integral part of today’s IT world. However, many companies are now looking for a hybrid or mix of public and private clouds. That is where Connected Clouds comes to your rescue, they are a supplier providing cloud, data, wireless and voice services. The best part about Connected Clouds is that they “filter” the long lists of the suppliers as per the company’s requirement and provide quality services.

2) Widespread adoption of consumer loT
The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new concept anymore, because of its highly beneficial features, almost everyone is using IoT devices. IoT is the network of any physical devices that have accessibility to web sensors and software. 2019 will introduce IoT in more smart house devices and appliance and a VPN router will ensure cybersecurity. Be ready, to control all with just a touch on your smartphones.

3) More usability of Chatbots
Chatbots are AI (Artificial Intelligence) software and simulate a conversation with a person like an actual human would. The world is already familiar with chatbots like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, but there are far more smart chatbots waiting for you in 2019. Going under massive development, chatbots are expected to bring out more help than before. No sooner than later, chatbots will be a must-have feature in every industry.

4) Standardization of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain, originally connected with internet currency Bitcoin, is a very innovative technology. The Blockchain has been in the news for one reason or the other throughout 2018, it’s a platform that connects thousands of servers together and lets easily share the data rather than copying.

Blockchain technology is set to go beyond just cryptocurrency. The blockchain is accessible to anyone on the internet, removes the possibilities of hacking and is more trustworthy and fast. Blockchain lets many people work together simultaneously. Coming in 2019, many companies like IBM are planning to take it beyond cryptocurrency.

Standardization, however, is easier said than done as every industry has its unique and different needs and requires a platform suitable to their needs only. Finance, banking and transportation industries are engaging developers to understand the better usability and full potential of Blockchain technology.

5) Crypto trading volume shift to decentralized exchanges
Starting from 2019, the crypto world effectively plans to provide decentralized exchanges that lets traders have total control over their funds without any intrusion from hackers. Or the Government, by allowing traders to have hold of their private keys until a trade is completed on-chain.

Most of these technologies are like a “no deposit slot” and initiate services at zero cost. Stepping up in 2019, brace yourself for these incoming great technologies.


#9 Nation » Same media that hypes influenza to push vaccines is covering up the tr » Jan-02-2019 22:14:03

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According to Natural News, there’s a massive disinformation campaign currently underway that aims to deceive the public about what’s really happening at America’s southern border. While the Leftist media would have us all believe that the so-called “migrant caravans” are filled with innocent women and children who merely want a chance at a better life, the truth of the matter is that these roving hordes are filled with violent, foreign invaders – and many of them are also active carriers of deadly illnesses like tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV.

The mainstream media, eager to pander to these potential new Democratic voters, is not only covering up the truth about the risks to public health posed by the “migrant caravans,” but is even going so far as to claim that “[m]igrants don’t bring disease.” “In fact, they fight it,” was the precise claim made by NBC News which, as far as we know, hasn’t taken in any “migrants” at any of its studios.

Nevertheless, the message being conveyed over and over again is this: Migrants are wonderful people who don’t have any diseases and who, by their very presence in the United States, are somehow able to fight disease – citing fake science in the process that’s meant to add an academic touch to the media’s blatant disinformation efforts to deconstruct America’s borders and meld into one world globalism.


#10 Online » Dark Overlord Hackers Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 » Jan-02-2019 13:33:23

Replies: 0 … _the_dark/


/r/Conspiracy reveals Google Drive links for everything hackers have released on 9/11 insurance files.

These documents show the legal fist fight companies went through to determine who was gonna be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance payments.

On Monday, New Year’s Eve, a hacker group announced it had breached a law firm handling cases related to the September 11 attacks, and threatened to publicly release a large cache of related internal files unless their ransom demands were met.

The news is the latest public extortion attempt from the group known as The Dark Overlord, which has previously targeted a production studio working for Netflix, as well as a host of medical centres and private businesses across the United States. The announcement also signals a slight evolution in The Dark Overlord’s strategy, which has expanded on leveraging the media to exert pressure on victims, to now distributing its threats and stolen data in a wider fashion.


#11 Globe » Mexican mayor gunned down after being sworn in » Jan-02-2019 13:13:43

Replies: 1 … rn-n953601

Gov. Alejandro Murat confirmed the killing of Tlaxiaco Mayor Alejandro Aparicio Santiago via his Twitter account Tuesday.

The governor of Mexico's southern state of Oaxaca is condemning the slaying of a local mayor shortly after he took office.

Gov. Alejandro Murat confirmed the killing of Tlaxiaco Mayor Alejandro Aparicio Santiago via his Twitter account Tuesday. He promised a thorough investigation and said a suspect was already in custody.

The state prosecutor's office said in a statement that Aparicio had just been sworn in and was headed to a meeting at city hall when an unknown number of gunmen opened fire at him. He was taken to a hospital, but died there later.


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