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Dark Overlord Hackers Dump Insurance Files Related to 9/11 … _the_dark/


/r/Conspiracy reveals Google Drive links for everything hackers have released on 9/11 insurance files.

These documents show the legal fist fight companies went through to determine who was gonna be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance payments.

On Monday, New Year’s Eve, a hacker group announced it had breached a law firm handling cases related to the September 11 attacks, and threatened to publicly release a large cache of related internal files unless their ransom demands were met.

The news is the latest public extortion attempt from the group known as The Dark Overlord, which has previously targeted a production studio working for Netflix, as well as a host of medical centres and private businesses across the United States. The announcement also signals a slight evolution in The Dark Overlord’s strategy, which has expanded on leveraging the media to exert pressure on victims, to now distributing its threats and stolen data in a wider fashion.


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