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Same media that hypes influenza to push vaccines is covering up the tr … rants.html


According to Natural News, there’s a massive disinformation campaign currently underway that aims to deceive the public about what’s really happening at America’s southern border. While the Leftist media would have us all believe that the so-called “migrant caravans” are filled with innocent women and children who merely want a chance at a better life, the truth of the matter is that these roving hordes are filled with violent, foreign invaders – and many of them are also active carriers of deadly illnesses like tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV.

The mainstream media, eager to pander to these potential new Democratic voters, is not only covering up the truth about the risks to public health posed by the “migrant caravans,” but is even going so far as to claim that “[m]igrants don’t bring disease.” “In fact, they fight it,” was the precise claim made by NBC News which, as far as we know, hasn’t taken in any “migrants” at any of its studios.

Nevertheless, the message being conveyed over and over again is this: Migrants are wonderful people who don’t have any diseases and who, by their very presence in the United States, are somehow able to fight disease – citing fake science in the process that’s meant to add an academic touch to the media’s blatant disinformation efforts to deconstruct America’s borders and meld into one world globalism.


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